What is the history of CHYAVANAPRASH?

When should Chyawanprash be taken?

Which type of Chyawanprash is best?

Can I drink water after eating Chyawanprash?

What are the benefits Chyawanprash?

History and mystery of CHYAVANAPRASH

A sage Chyawan got Prash to regain his strength, vigour, vitality, and youthfulness. 

Prash is foodstuff in the form of jam that recharged him. The jam that revitalized him is chyavanaprash. 

Chyawanprash contains several herbs, herbal extracts, and processed minerals. We live in an era of an errored environment. An infection is the return gift that we get every other day. So the need for recharge arises more frequently. Chyawanprash is a way to recharge our bodies. The exact time to take Chyawanprash depends on the amount of sugar content in your body at the time of consumption. If you are feeling low energy in the early morning, then the right time will be before breakfast, or for boosting energy before the day initiates, one can take one or two hours before dinner. Water with chyawanprash may not be a good option. It is mentioned in Ayurveda one should keep a gap of an hour between solid and liquid food ingestion.  

Now to re-energize ourselves, let us look at two options available. The options that I would suggest are Zandu and Dabur.

A product from Emami Limited is here since 1974. Kolkata based Made in India and Made for India goods deserve your support with purchase.

Dabur is an Ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer product manufacturing company, present since 1884.


The wisdom of Zandu has followed Ayurveda Saar Sangraha for the formulation of chyavanprash. ZANDU CHYAVANAPRASH enriched with Jaggery, Amla, Asvagandha, Giloy, and Satavari. Zandu is a Vegetarian Ayurveda product that boosts immunity 2x and enhances respiratory health with vitamins and micronutrient content. 

A suggested dose of one to two teaspoons daily with Milk or Honey builds a better barrier to beat inflammatory biomarkers. 

Diabetic patients who ingest it every day did not find any changes in sugar levels. It does have natural jaggery that maintains iron levels in the body.

The better tasting CHYAVANAPRASH will be shield you from a respiratory illness during the winter. 


Made with natural jaggery.

Price is less compared to Dabur.


A fast-moving consumer goods company in India has come up with a sugar-free Chawanprakash for diabetic patients to aid them in maintaining good health.  Dabur is a natural and safe product that strengthens the immune system to fight against common day-to-day infections like cough and cold. Dabur will be responsive to regulating irregularities in the immune system. Dabur can reduce your body stress and boost your energy


Does not contain the goodness of Jaggery.

Price is more compared to Zandu.


CAUTION WITH CARE  Both the product does have artificial sweeteners. Please note that intake of artificial sweeteners harms Kidney and Liver. So please limit the intake to less than 24 grams per day.