On my endeavour to tent, the content thought in your mind.

Once for all,I welcome you all to my virtual home.


Padmalaksya would be one of the rooms in my virtual home.

Padmalakshya will be a brand in any country where the successor is still a male child only.

Apart from above all, one can read healthy body and mind journey where I share my story of an urge to emerge from the debacle of an accident.  My fitness journey towards a healthy body and mind.

The Padmalakshya has two meanings attached to it. It should attain the attention of viewers and should enlighten the thought and wink of each visitor. The Padma is of course lotus. I am not part of any party to PR for its logo. Lakshya is again the destination. Latter synonyms would be the first part of my name and dad’s nam

 Padmalakshya should drive you to my website


It is my perception of health to you. I like to help one and all to achieve a healthy body and mind with my real-life experience. I was a medical transcriptionist for ten years, where I learned about the people’s problems that they encounter with ill-health. It is a debacle that needs awareness to avert. A daily date with a good diet is the love you show to your body. I will prepare a diet plan which is good for the body. Ultimately a healthy body is a foundation of a healthy mind. A balanced diet is just the beginning of a long journey. The body is a special gift. The word soul mate is related to the spouse, but I feel the body is our soul mate. People may stay in your life, any situations may arise in life, but the constant partner who is always with you will be your body. I am on the journey, now I am planning to take like-minded people along with me in this journey by starting a vegan healthy diet plan program so that they can also begin a healthy body and mind journey. The vegan diet plan does not endorse any health booster powder or anything else. The plan will be prepared for the quality and quantity of your food intake. There will not be a plan where you starve or stop what you are eating today except non-veg foods if you are a non-vegetarian. 

Since it is about me, it also includes my personality type.

My personality type is Confident Individualism

  • INTROVERTED – 71%, Yes, I need to be introverted to keep my matters to myself. It is none of the other people’s business to know what is happening in my life. It is MY LIFE AND MY RULES. My success and my failures, and I know how to deal with it. It is entirely My matter that matters to me.

Observant – 73%, I observe people behaviour and take a call, after all, I have learnt a few lessons from the life, from the people I met, people I had to deal with, circumstances in my life taught me something which I need to use for my benefit. Each tongue teaches the lesson, including mine. It is up to the individual to interpret them in the right way. 

Thinking – 65%, I think Twice before I act. It helps in my mental and physical health.

Judging – 81%, I observe, introspect and make my judgment To take the assertive decision.