DEATH THE END, an unwanted story with no listener.

baby, portrait, newborn-20374.jpgHow death affects mental health?

baby, portrait, newborn-20374.jpgHow death changes you?

baby, portrait, newborn-20374.jpgDeath versuss life?

baby, portrait, newborn-20374.jpgWhere death lives?

I saw death near me today. Death is inevitable. It is like another face of a coin and an ultimate phase of life. I think the person who is on the death trail comes to know about an end of life before itself. I had seen my mother and father talking about their death several days before leaving me. I think it is like a decrease or discharge of a battery which they could sense before. Death definition is a cause or reason for death that may be a heart attack, Covid, heart failure, etc. It is now that medical science has advanced so much that especially death above 1979, it can find a reason for each. We can name it, but whatever the reason, death to all is the ultimate truth. Now medical science can name it, but it can never stop it. A few years back in 1950, society could not define the so-called cause of death. Initially, physicians of ancient India, Ayurveda doctors or Vaidya would come home and declare the death.


Religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Sikhism may preach or practice religious duties regarding death. Some faith may believe in rebirth also, but no belief in this world tells you that death does not exist. There are Bible verses about death. There is preaching of lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita about death.


Most religions in the world believe in rebirth. Most of them mention the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Religions say that death is only the beginning. Death is not the end. Death is nothing at all to fear.

Buddhism deals with death both in theory and in the practical preparation. Buddha said death is ‘the greatest of all teachers. Buddhist monks used to observe bodies left on funeral grounds to be eaten by wild animals and insects to conclude that the body is a biological shell given for this birth.

The Hindus believe that the soul is central. Each being will be predestined to innumerable rebirths. One’s aggregate moral balance sheet (karman) determines the length of each life and the specific form of each reincarnation. The ultimate aim will be to escape rebirths and achieve final emancipation (mokṣa).

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As per Islamic chimera, Muslims believe that life on earth is just a test given by God. After death, Azrail (death angel) takes the soul. If the soul answers God’s questions, the soul goes to heaven. While, those who cannot answer correctly are punished in graves.

Death is one of the most important events in the Christian religion. Death is the end of a person’s earthly life and the beginning of eternal life in heaven with God. Christianity does believe that a person’s soul leaves a person’s body at death and goes to an afterlife in heaven or hell. The existence of a middle state between heaven and hell is called purgatory.

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Death at a funeral or Sati was a Hindu practice in which a widow was sacrificed by setting her ablaze along with her deceased husband’s funeral pyre. Now the system has been banned, but people have found ways to do it in other ways to make her life difficult when she is alive.
This society carries virtual lighters, which they use in the guise of care and concern, and burn the woman and her children financially, mentally, and socially

An 18-year-old Roop Kanwar India's last known case of sati.

Sometimes religious duties after death in all religions may make family members death penalty despite being on a losing end, especially if they are not doing well with health and finance. Most of the time, it becomes the death penalty method of religion.
Anecdotal evidence about the devil is not available, but I know a place where death meets the devil, a devil in the form of a human who visits the dead person’s house to meet family members. They come there with the preconceived plan of getting close family members into trouble, especially if there is a young wife and children of the dead person. It is vital to know whom to call when we are in difficulty. People who come to see us during our hard times, if they are well-wishers, will never find a way to push us into a well of trouble.
No religion in this world would propagate such duties and responsibilities that hurt the people who are already wounded by the demise of a near one. Death does affect mental and physical health. Ultimately, death changes you. Death is a repercussion that causes repulsion in us. Finally, death lives.


Another reality is that medical science has proved that human body cells have a life span.
Red blood cells live for about four months.
White blood cells live for more than a year.
Skin cells live for two or three weeks.
.Hair 40 months.
A lifetime of an adult nail is four months.
During a lifetime of a human, about 35kg or roughly half our body weight of skin sheds.
Most of the adult skeleton is replaced about every 10 years
Death and regeneration are ongoing processes in our body, but most of the time, we do not care about them, and some of them does know about them.
People of this society whenever they see death house, their mindset is that death does not visit their house.
It is not necessary for people always think about death, but the truth is death to all.
What death leaves behind is a movie that talks about memory. The dead person lives in our memories. Memories left behind may be good or bad. When death comes knocking on our door to steal someone close to us, it makes us understand what death is like.
When death takes my hand to take me away from my near and dear one, no one can stop it, even though they try to do so. There is no incidence showing that death is arrested or stopped. There are many together forever quotes, but the harsh reality is death without company. Death comes without a will of a person, but a person can write a will to make the nearest family member rich.


A healthy person is often described as an ideal person. Health helps in death with dignity states. Death status defines the life lived by the dead person. Death does not wait for a movement, but human life should not reach a stage where the person is waiting on death bed for death due to his worst health status. Sometimes health condition of a person reaches a point where the death versus life battle ends, and death wins. It will be death without weeping as the kith and kin would have reached a stage of helplessness and feel death is just around the corner for that person. Death like sleep or death during sleep is always called death for the whole world to see. At a time when death grips and starts the death knot, there will be no death guard. Each time we fasten two physical items together and try to undo them, it will be hard to separate them. Similarly, a soul is attached to a body leaves, and the body will have some repercussions.