I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day.

Do you want to know 3D IDEA about Father’s Day?.

Do you want to know my definition of the World?.

Do you want to know about 2 versions of fathers?.

Do you want to know 2 celebrity daughters who are my icons?

Your father’s day may be a father’s day without a dad or with your dad, but it is a day of celebration, a day of thanking dad, and the day of cherishing beautiful memory heart fully. For others, the word world may begin with W and ending with D. For me, the word world initiates with the letter L and will be finished with A and keeps on revolving with the word dad, and my father’s name is Lakshminarayana. So I feel the word, world commences with L and closes with A.         

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Sonora Dodd got a sound idea of celebrating father’s day on June 19, 1910. Her mind might have dragged towards dad’s day because she has 3D in her surname. I regret not being able to celebrate dad’s D day for so many years as I did not know about this.

The Two patterns of papa

All the parents, mom or dad, love their children to the core. Usually, it is the belief that a father loves his daughter more than a son, and a mother loves her son more than a daughter. There is a long explanation for this, which may be true or false, but I do not want to say over this. I love my father unconditionally; my father is the epitome of unconditional love in my life. As I observed, there are two patterns of papa. 

First Specimen

In this genre, papa would always treat his daughter as a favourite citizen of his kingdom. The fondness of the father for his daughter is not limited, but her growth as an individual is limited. At first, a citizen will get more facilities; but no freedom. A golden cage is still a cage. The patriarchal attitude of the father will turn the daughter’s life limited to be an asset. As an asset, her ownership will get transferred to the son-in-law. In my previous blog, I did mention Dasharatha’s daughter Shanta. A Shanta princess with the qualities of a warrior could have been a monarch. Patriarchal beliefs in her father made her give up her princely life and marry Rishyasringa so that he carry out a Putrakameshti. Shanta; a great warrior, was never a consideration for a sovereign to rule the land. The scale of discrimination was invented then, and discovery is cherished today.  In this version of the father, patriarchal genes are predominant in the father’s body, and he will never be able to allow his daughter to grow to surpass a limit set by him. 

2G father with 5D Vision for daughter.

The second generous genre is limited. I call 2G because they are a generous genre. This class of fathers have a dream for their daughters, and they remain a 5-dimensional support system for their daughters. Here, the father treats his daughter as a princess and never hesitates to serve her. He always wants her to grow as queen and develop qualities which enable her to be monarch one day. This kind of king alike father will always be the man behind his successful daughter. 

I can cite SudhaMurthy for this.


My father is one of the limited versions, the second genre. I never heard no from my father in my life. Today, I have a place to stay and meals to eat because of my dad. He never tried to make me a limited version. I did not hear a girl cannot do this or should not do this from my father. He always wanted me to be the strong individual I am today. He has installed “I can do it” software in me which is running perfectly and has auto up-gradating. Nothing in this world can uninstall it till the last breath of this life. 

Dear dad, my first steps were on your foot which you never minded. Ultimately, those steps have taught me to make each move mindfully in life.



I am a normal daughter, but I idolize Sudha Murthy and Kiran Bedi. 

We all know the woman behind a successful man like Narayana Murthy. An initial fund of Rs 10000 given by Sudha Murthy from her saving enabled Narayana Murthy to build Infosys. There is a man behind Sudha Murthy’s estimable personality, he is none other than her father,  R.H. Kulkarni. 

Sudha Murthy, who was Sudha Kulkarni, at that time, finished her engineering and saw an ad for job opportunities from Tata Company where it said that women need not apply. Sudha Kulkarni posted a letter to Tata to raise her voice against gender discrimination in India by his company. She could not have taken such a bold step if her father was a patriarchal family successor. 

 In the first place, a fatherpermitting his daughter to study at an engineering college, where Sudha was the only female student, was a laudable decision in those days

When she wrote to Tata and got an interview call from the company, her father did not stop her, he encouraged her to attend the interview.

This kind of father is a must for the growth of personality like Sudha Murthy. His support and guidance do not stop there, he is the man who helped Sudha when she wanted to do her social work. Sudha Murthy wanted to help Devadasi women and their children.  

Father accompanied Sudha to places where she wanted to help people and urged people to take his daughter’s help.

Sudha Murthy was given makeover advice by her father to make her look like one among locals because. She was bob cut lady with jeans.

Prakash Lal Peshwaria and his daughters.

Now, I can cite Kiran Bedi, India's first female Indian Police Service.

Prakash Lal Peshwaria, father of Kiran Bedi did not stop his daughter when she wanted to be a tennis player, nor his two other daughters were discouraged.

He did not stop her from joining NCC. Prakash Lal encouraged his daughter to be IPS when people were never ready to send their daughters to the police station.

These fathers bring accolades to the fatherhood.

It is not that mothers do not support daughters, but they do. Mother is a limited version most of the time, except in some exceptional cases. Since the hero of this blog is a father, our society does not value a woman’s words, desires, and decisions. This society is in of needs men like this to bring a remarkable and much-needed change in society. I do not want this society to say we treat women as a demigod and make them dummy gods. I would like to see a society where men and women are treated as human beings.