What's going on? is a general question. 

I wish people would answer that I am going vegan.


Again, Why do people go vegan?

To gain a healthy body and mind.


What do we gain from going vegan?

You will never gain vain pain.


Go Vegan

It can help you shape your body and sharpen your mind.   

Nothing. It is only good going vegan. 

I can talk endlessly about a vegan diet. Because I have gained good health and I want to help others to get good health. 

You can go and check my personal experience that I shared in my blog post 

You can ask me why should I start the diet plan that you suggest?. I know about a good diet?

Yes, most of us come across good diet info in daily life, but you might not have complete information about it, whether it may about

  • You might be busy, you might not find time to search and read all and prepare a plan.

I have worked with the hospitals; where they advise on the diet plan, I have information, and I can help with this.  Health is wealth, I can justify this statement for you.

No, but health can buy wealth. This is a verse that can never be vice versa. Good health can help with maintaining or multiplying your wealth. 

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This is a verse that always can be vice versa. 

Do not honour others’ fitness; instead, hone your body and mind to get honours from others. You might like celebrities; who have a good body that is well maintained to look good.

Why do you want to be one of the appreciating groups?

Why cannot you try to have a healthy body for yourself?

Of course, let me be clear, a well-maintained body also requires a workout and meditation. Only diet cannot do all the magic. But you have to start the journey to reach the destination of a good body and mind. 

What does it take to go vegan?

Now, My name is Padmini, a dietician with a vegan diet plan for you. I help people to get good health with a good diet plan. I believe that it can help you with

It takes a well-executed diet plan to reach a new plane of good health.

Just plan a plant-based diet

Your health will reach a new plane.

Thank you for reading this.

I like to get on a 121 consultation call with you to explore this further. I am genuinely interested in helping you.