Motherhood needs refining or defining?


Is there a need for any hood to be a mother?


Do you want to know about divergent motherhood on this earth?



Best Mother Kunti or LakshmiBai?



Dink, Wink?



My word on world mother’s day


I wish Happy Mother’s Day to all.

The wish will hold good to all. It may be a mother or a person who has a mother alive or not. Once or today, if you are with your mother, it is for all. Mother’s day is a day to celebrate motherhood. Acknowledge mother’s support and love for us throughout her life. I confirm my affirmation that I love my father more than my mother. People who know me more firmly confirm my affirmation. Most of them know me as my father-daughter looks wise or otherwise. Animals like lions and elephants may not know or celebrate mother’s day, but their motherhood is nothing less than that of a human being. 

Divergent motherhood

When I say
divergent motherhood, motherhood from the earth, animals, and birds are selfless
and shelf lifeless, unlike human beings. Mother earth is always on a giving
spree without asking for anything. After getting so much from her, we harm her
and destroy her. Being a Mother, she is still tolerating us to the saturating

Birds build a
nest before they lay their eggs. It is a love with precaution. Today, we can
see human beings on a reproducing spree without giving time for a thought where
they think about their income if we give birth and how we can look after them.
Whether we will be able to provide food and shelter to them. People may argue
that they will look after their children in a temporary living space. First,
ask them, is it necessary to reproduce when you cannot provide basics to them.
Man has to learn from the bird. Birds do not build permanent houses, but for a
few days only, they take care and think before they go ahead with procreation.
In human beings in some cases, the decision does not involve the mother. The
father decides as she will be a machine assigned with a giving birth job.


There is a complete reversal of the above case where they call that couple DINK. Dual income, no kids. They will be busy with their career, and they do not have time to wink. Here, I am not for or against having a child. It is their wish and right. There are countries in this world that provide incentives to be parents. According to the UN, two-thirds of countries in Europe have taken measures to increase fertility rates that include baby bonuses and tax incentives and paid parental leave.


When the population grows older and shrinks,

It slows economic growth and strains government budgets.

A country has to depend on other countries’ immigrants for the military.  it is a threat to country security.

Birds Love

I feel birds
and animals are superior to human beings when it comes to parenting.

As these
creatures are close to nature, they behave like mother earth, they always give
and never expect anything in return. Mother earth gives oxygen, food, and
water, all are foundations of our life. Despite getting so much, we are on
destroying spree without saving for ourselves or future generations.


Feed of Love

Birds feed
their young ones until they learn to fly and search for food. Animals hunt food
and feed their young ones until they become capable of hunting. Animals teach
cubs to hunt food. Birds teach their offspring to fly.

They make their
children independent in both cases and will never become dependent on them. 

Human beings breed with somewhat greed. Most of the time, they expect in return from children. Attaining motherhood was an experiment for Kunti; she was checking the boon granted to her by sage Durvasa. 

Now also, parenting starts stating that if we have a child, then our bond will become stronger. They do not develop a bond between them, they use children as a bond paper, where they can say to each other, if you leave me, I will take our child along with me, you will be losing your child’s affection. Most of the time, a mother uses it as the mother has more rights than the father if the children are below 18.

Contrasting to wildlife, people in civilized life expect more from children. 



At times, the mother is mightier than some fathers with feathers. All mothers are
not like Kunti, but some mothers are LakshmiBai, who strapped her son on her
back and led the Army. There are replicas of LakshmiBai who are fighting
different battles of life to raise their children. Even today, single mothers
(widows, divorced, who had children out of wedlock) raise the above situation
to raise their children to rise. 

Last, but not the least 

My mother may be paralytic, but she is a pyra light to my
life. She always reminded me that I am not a limited version, and always wants
to see me grow as an unlimited version. She is the spark of light in my dark
days of accident recovery. She did her best in my childhood days. She is