Bruised up! Still Smiling

Do you know how much women bruised up! bear the brunt?.

Do you know how women can still brush aside this brunt and walk a milestone with a smile?

What do you think about gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow?

What is the status of gender equality in India?

My caption says it all, women see a World with reverence, but in reverse versed women are still treated averse. So I kept women in the second phrase in small letters. It conveys what I am trying to say. Let us go on a virtual tour from Afghanistan to India and then to other corners of the world to know the subject to the core.

There was a lot of news about the Taliban, how they treated women, women’s rights in Afghanistan 2020, etc. I read the news where the doctor had to treat n number of women for uterine prolapse because of multiple pregnancies, urinary tract infection, etc. A visit to the doctor needs male mercy as he is the one who escorts her to the hospital. When I heard or read all these, the one thing that came to my mind was that these people should make their land to no land for women or men only land. They should send all the women to other countries to begin a new life. There are countries where the ratio of males versus females is worst, these women can go there. I am not saying women are here only for giving birth to a child. This topic came up because the women in Afghan assigned with one mission of giving birth to a child, especially a male child. Patriarchal societies can design a machine that generates male offspring, why they need women for that, and let them be happy in no women’s land.

Quality and quantity of equality in women life

As a woman, I always expect males and females should never be treated differently. I do not want to use the word equality. I wish men and women to be treated one among human beings. Unfortunately, it is not the way it should be.

I have heard several discussion panels where the lame claim will be like in India, we are respecting women like a demigod. I took a pause and heard it again, but my mind and reality assured me that I had to listen to it as a dummy god. 

 Any land in this world is not an entire replica of the Afghan, but it is a different version. I do not know when the women’s journey of being bruised up! still smiling started, maybe from Adam and Eve era.

The strategy turned into tragedy


The strategy turned into tragedy

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Let us sit back, relax, and take a deep breath, before knowing the strategy.

I think it started with Adam and Eve times when Adam used to climb a tree, pluck fruits and drop them on the ground so that Eve could gather, and they would eat it later once he climbed down from the tree. The strategy helps them to pick an ample number of fruits to fill their stomach. Now I strongly feel that Eve should have climbed the tree and plucked the fruit and had it there itself. This plan was not beneficial for both Adam and Eve or humankind. We can say it would have been difficult for them to sit for a longer time to have one fruit, or that tree may not have yielded the required number. Then both of them may have to climb the number of trees several times to fill their stomach. The first plan worked well where he could pluck more, she could gather quick, so that they can fulfil their basic needs. As time moved on, this strategy was misinterpreted by society as women are not capable of living alone. She needs men’s help to live. 

Comparison of two geographical lands culture does not land us in any conclusion. The work of men and women is not valued equally in any part of the world. There is wage discrimination from a male construction worker to a women construction worker: it will be a case of biggest companies like Amazon, McDonald’s, and Pinterest sued for not paying equally to men and women in an organisation, and for not promoting women to a higher position despite having qualification and skills.


In Indian society, If the lady is earning more, then this society asks why she needs so much money if she is single. Otherwise, it may be USP, a unique selling point used for marriage business transactions. If a lady is earning less, then she cannot survive with less money, then she has to depend on a man as she cannot live with less ultimately it leads to a junction called marriage.

This society has new gadgets and is ready to update it now and then, it has gone up to 5G concerning network, but on the ground, its thoughts and thinking about women is still below ground, not even reached the surface.

The story is not different for demographics. The content and conclusion remain the same. The world cannot accept women to Men as are same. What made bruised up! women bear this brunt to be brave enough to be still smiling. The answer has to be discovered or invented. My one-line answer would be DNA mutating to be mute predominately about this.


The conclusion is still in occlusion

The word dream is gender-neutral, but society’s norm says it is not. The world has a protocol that curtails coils of dreams for women. It states that women cannot do this, you should not dream those things, it cannot be a reality in women’s life. People nay think that I am a stereotyped individual when you read it, but I am not. I like to see women carve their footprint in every field where they are told that it will not yield the result by society. My friend defines the 6-D process of success, I think that has to be implemented by women to find success.

Conclusion to the problem is still in the occlusion. I would request the readers to share their experiences as I continue to do that. It will be a great learning experience.

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Let us sit back, relax, and calm, take a deep breath, after knowing women's conditions.