My fitness journey towards a healthy body and mind.

Do you want to know a Vegan diet plan for beginners?

  Should you exercise while on a vegan diet?

What do you think about health and wellness?

Do you know how to be fit and fine?

Why being fit is important?

Come let us hit a fit frame

In this blog, I am sharing my point of view about the most relevant subject of life with my real-life story. Why the story? It is the best medium how we can connect to the topic. It is my transition journey from being a chubby child who always wanted to be fit and healthy. I intended to become a woman who knows how to keep herself fit and fine, mentally and physically. It is a real journey with no reels attached to it. The expedition expectation was to become fit from fat, started not now, but it is a new journey with a different approach. It is a lesson learnt from life. I was a chubby child but never had any health issues. The issue came up when I was a teenager. Because of my body weight, I was not fitting into jeans to look good. As we all know, a teen is the stage of life when we feel the look is a vital matter of life, but it is not. It is just a feeling at that time of life. At that time, I did try to lose weight; by walking, doing yoga, and the gym, etc. I would lose some weight again, back to square one.

My formula for Attention

Intension+ positive tension = real attention ∝( directly proportional) to attainment

I feel that all intentions should have some positive tension attached to them, and then we can reach the destination. If not, we might feel like it is not a worthy goal . My intention of losing weight got momentum; when the doctor told me after recovery from an accident, if I put on weight, I will be in a condition where walking may be impossible for me in 4 to 5 years. This time a new journey of a fit body with dieting started because I had just recovered from my accident injury. I was not confident enough to go to a gym or do yoga.
I did plan a vegan diet for me. Calories intake was enough to support my body function. This time, I got the result, physical wellness. But the diet plan has to be updated several times like software for betterment. I lost my extra fat, and my body was working fine, but the flexibility  of the body became the question which again made me find an answer with yoga. Ultimately, two questions got ansered, but the intention without tension did not work for longer. This time I added positive tension to my intention, which will never derail my journey toward a healthy body and mind. I was able to attach positive tension with meditation. So this is my journey towards a healthy body and mind, I am on the mark to get health and wellness, and the journey never stops till the last breath of this life. 

In this vegan diet, I will never ask you to

container, glass jar, kitchen-1297310.jpgBuy any protein, health powdercontainer, glass jar, kitchen-1297310.jpg

Never ask you to starve

money, coin, cash-1673582.jpg Never ask you to buy items that will shoot up your grocery billmoney, coin, cash-1673582.jpg

You have to say no to non-veg

You are promising yourself that you will never cheat the plan. Please remember you are not cheating anyone; but yourself, moving away from the goal you have set.

A journey that has no end button

A healthy diet plan is just as important as exercise and meditation. A vegan diet is just the beginning of a long journey. The body is a special gift. The word soul mate connected to the spouse, but I feel the body is our soul mate. People may stay in your life, and any situations may arise in life, but the constant partner who is always with you will be your body. I am on a journey. Now, I am planning to take like-minded people along with me on this journey by starting a healthy vegan diet plan program so that they can also begin a healthy body and mind journey. 

I am not promoting veganism here. I do not work for any PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, nor do I hate animals.                                            

Why vegan is important

The quest for an answer is, 

  • It is a diet with no side effects and a way for wellness. 
  • Vegan diets tend to be rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats.
  • Research suggests that the vegan diet can improve heart health, protect against cancer, and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Research has proved that going vegan can help overweight people reduce body fat and shed pounds.
  • A team of researchers at Loma Linda University in the United States has shown vegetarian men live for an average of 10 years longer than non-vegetarian men, 83 years compared to 73 years. Studies on women showed being vegetarian added an extra 6 years to their lives, helping them to reach 85 years on average.
  • Humans on a plant-based diet notice improved complexions, skin healing, and miniaturization, which help them look younger and feel good about it. 
  • Vegan is doesn’t guarantee good health, there should be a commitment and planning to follow a healthy plant-based diet.
  • Having a vegan diet for a day or two in a week doesn’t guarantee good health. There should be a commitment and planning to follow a healthy plant-based diet regularly and religiously.
  • Vegetarian diets are usually high in fibre, magnesium, folic acid, phytochemicals, and vitamins C and F. Vegan diet will be lower in calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol.
  • Although, there is a need for a study in areas where vegan diets can affect an individual’s neurobiological and cognitive function.
  • Research has found that there will be mild or moderate improvements in patients with migraine, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis who consume a vegan diet.
  • A vegan diet is a way to wellness, but not the only way.

Indian Art Villa Copper Jug, Storage Water

 Now I got another meaning to Padmalakshya, my  brand name. Lakshya, an aim. The Padma, a lotus. Lotus is the only flower that will be clean despite growing on mud. So my wellness journey concerning mind and body will never stop in any condition. After all, cleanliness is a road to health. Let us be happy so there will be no BP.  

You can get a detailed diet plan and diet-related updates on my website

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As I mentioned, the journey should never stop. A vegan diet should be part and parcel of your life journey to get a health and wellness paradise in this life only.