Do you think women have Gender Equality concerning buying land and building dream home? 

Do you know why there is a need for the Stand For Her Land? 

What are women’s rights for the property in India?

Are women a minority?

In New York City on March 8, 1857, female textile workers protested for unfair working conditions and unequal rights for women regarding work days and decent wages.
Now that day is celebrated as women’s day on March 8, this is the first noted campaign for women.
International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked to celebrate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Women can do anything when allowed to do. Opportunity will arise only when she is considered a human. A call is still on to take action regarding gender parity.

The birthday of the revolutionary poet Sarojini Naidu is on the 13th of February, and this day is National women’s day in India. The majority of celebration of this day is still on paper or on mention of it on social media.

“DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” is the theme of this year.


  • About two-fifths of countries worldwide limit women’s property rights.
    In 19 countries, women’s land rights and gender equality do not exist.
    In 44 countries, male and female surviving spouses do not have equal rights to inherit assets.                         A few facts and figures in numbers do not attack our minds tactfully. It can be a glance at reading material unless it is attacking you. In some cases, it is affecting. Still, it is accepted as the norm of normal life that cannot be changed, although I aspire the change drastically.
    Society should neither be Patriarchy, Matriarchy. In both ways, anarchy will prevail.
    This world should not be a world female versus male.


Men-centered society’s epicenter was Ramayana. I heard people blaming Ramayana happened because of Kaikayi, Manthara, and then Sita. My affirmed answer to them is it started because of Dasharatha.

The first child of Dasharatha and queen Kausalya is not Rama, but a girl called Shanta. She was the epitome of poise, peace, and harmony. Dasharatha did raise his daughter to be a princess with the qualities of a warrior, but patriarchal attitudes in him never allowed him to accept Shanta as his successor. Instead, he asked her to bring Rishyasringa into a family world. Rishyasringa, sage who can perform a Putrakameshti Yagna. Putrakameshti Yagna is a ritual performed to have a male child or successor of the family. This indicates women’s property rights in ancient India.

Shanta was never a consideration to be the queen. Shanta could have ruled the land.  degree of discrimination has been invented then, and discovery is cherished today. People still follow that king, but why?  The discovery of an answer is overdue.  Nobile people of Dahomey considered a man and a woman equal and crowned woman king.

On March 25, 2019, a global campaign in Washington was held to convey the way for women to claim equal land and property rights. Stand for her land is for persistently penetrating the gap between law and practice worldwide so that women can get their rights. The social norms accepted as normal by people are mostly abnormal and are the biggest problem that is hard to tackle to get women and their land and property rights. It had built an invisible but near-impenetrable wall for women in rural and urban areas.

Women’s property rights in India have some unwritten but in-practice standards. Owning a house is an ambition of human beings. The right to realize this dream is for men only or women living in a patriarchal family. While reading this, one may find this as abnormal, but it is the norm and standard of this society.

Women in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) can now buy land and transfer property to children, even if they get married to a non-resident of Kashmir, as Article 35A has automatically become void with the scrapping of Article 370.

The news about Kashmir women’s property rights is not restricted to Kashmir because it is an unwritten law that has a presence in all the corners of India for single women (unmarried women, widows). It may rage a few, but it is not new. Society has changed. There is ample single woman who is earning and living alone. Society is okay with single women acquiring a livelihood and living alone in a rented house or hostel, but for society, she is not a human being, who has a right to own a piece of land.

Women’s right to property under INDIAN SOCIETY PROTOCOL with enormous CARE AND CONCERN, it is decided that for (unmarried women, widows) single woman has NO RIGHT to own a home.According to society,


Twenty years back, one of my relatives told me that it is not right to own property. Again came up and said that I should not live in my own house because my mother is not living in that house. Self-respect and taking my life decision are also the property of men in this society.

Women’s rights worldwide statistics are not great. One of the contributing factors could be a woman. I recently met a woman. She thinks she has the right to take decisions in other women’s life. Because I did not agree to a marriage proposal, she ordered me to sell my property because she thinks that the house is useless for me. I think this kind of woman can neither be called a woman nor a human being.


I like to scream among this huge chaos and declare that SINGLE WOMEN IS A HUMAN BEING. The woman needs to protect herself from weather changes, and she has the property right. She can own one, need not be rented as so-called society wishes for her, not only for protection from weather but sometimes from the beast in the form of humans.

World women’s day quotes are in use to gain attention in social media each year, but hindrances still hold women. No software could upgrade this rusted society concerning the history of women’s property rights.