When a previous version of Padmini that is (N L Padmini or Padmalakshya in 2021) meets a new version of Padmini (N L Padmini or Padmalakshya in 2025), this will be the chat when they meet.)

Hi, how are you, my new version?Padmalakshya version 2
I am the best, life is good, and how do you feel now by seeing me, my old good version?.

Excited, now I see you are my best possible updated version.

When I hear the word version, the notion that comes to mind like an ocean is that the version cannot be stagnant; it has to be re-equipped regularly. I would like to be upgraded to the version from yesterday. It does not mean I do not have a Goal, I have, I am on a journey towards my goal. Even a goal cannot be static. Once you achieve first, the next goal has to be set. A healthy body and mind are the tools essential to reaching the goal. Let us chat for a few minutes so that I can get a clear picture of my progress till now and the way ahead. Let us discuss my professional path progress. 

In 2020, I decided that I will enter the digital marketing field; I did start my journey with a website, by choosing the brand name Padmalakshya, I had my Youtube channel, started blogging, started affiliate marketing, did a couple of internships, did register in Google business as a digital marketing agency, I had aimed to be a freelancer. Till mid of 2021, I could not make much progress, but I have not failed. I learned how not to do it. Then I decided to take guiding light in the tunnel called the Learn today internship.

Yes, that decision was taken, and the aim was to start a learn-and-earn journey. The journey was challenging and channelizing. I can assure you that learning and earning will not stop till the last breath of this life.

Let us have PB_MYFITNESS_Chocolate_Peanut_Butter- before moving on.

Let us discuss challenging and channelizing matters

  • Yes, I love to write and read. My writing endeavour is channelized into my website. Padmalakshya5digi.com has an ample number of visitors and subscribers now.
  • The word whirlpool drew good opportunities for content writing. 
  • As the number of website visitors who visited my virtual home Padmalakshya5digi.com increased, some affiliate marketing channels connected to my virtual home.
  • Regular source of income removed un from financial uncertainties.
  • As the inflow of visitors increased, I became an influencer.
  • As my lead magnet has stuck with a cache of mail addresses, I started Email marketing.

It is just four years gone, but to move ahead in this arena, please do not forget two arrows; they are paramount.

Yeah, I know two arrows which have to be in a row will be healthy body and mind. A day in my life does not exist in which I did not do my exercise and meditation. I will do all the must-do to get and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Next time I will not be there to meet you, you will be in my place, an old version

All the best, please set and reset the goals, reach them,

enrich your life, and always be happy, no BP. Be positive except for virus-like Coronavirus. Bye and never see you again.