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Hair is a natural protective gear given with care to all living beings except trees and some animals like whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Hair can be a style statement in a man with a mane and a woman with a matching dress with a tress that suits her personality. Hair can be used to determine the status of a person’s mental and physical health.  Hair colouring is a fluctuating trend. The colour of the hair changes with the location and vocation of a person. 

A girl can have a curl hair that moves like a whirl. Beautiful straight hair with flicks can enhance the look. Hair can be long or short. Hair can be blonde or black. Long and short hair both do have their pros and cons. Attaining and maintaining hair is tricky.

Healthy Hair Say

Whenever we see strong, healthy hair and that hair says I am here because this person

  • Eats a balanced healthy meal that is rich in low-fat proteins.
  • Consumes food that consists of dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • The scalp is taken care of with foods that have Omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, walnuts, and avocados.
  • I am strong because of the protein in diet.
  • I need vitamins A and C for hydration. It is supplied to me with green leafy vegetables like spinach and asparagus.
  • The scalp gets care and concern from regular oil massage.
  • I get rinsed with a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • After rinsing, I will get a natural time and air to get dry. I have never met a blow dryer.
  • I get calm and bright sleep support every day.
  • A natural material like a ceramic comb is used to make me look tidy.

Finally, hair taught us about the person. We now know that

  1. This person is health conscious.
  2. The person is connected to nature and uses natural products.

Hair and Genetics

We all know that genetic factors determine the hair texture, straight, wavy, or curly, and the thickness of individual strands of hair. It also depends on the ethnic background.

Hair Myth

The myth says that hair loss in men is passed down from the mother’s side. Hair loss in women is passed down from the father’s side; however, hair is not gender-biased. If hair loss is inherited, the gift can be from any side.

The story of the wig

A wig is an unnatural protective gear made with real or artificial hair. People wear wigs to disguise their baldness and avoid disgust from other people.  Hair loss can be for many reasons.  One of the reasons may be cancer. Cancer patients are mostly mentally and physically disturbed by illness. During the recovery process, it may take longer to get their natural hair back, so they depend on wigs during this time.  Wigs damage natural hair, hairline, and hinder the natural growth of hair. Sometimes, it may cause headaches, itchiness and rashes.

Extended story of hair extension

Hair extensions play a vital role in cinema, TV, and drama stages. The wigs are in demand for all the role played on screen. The heat used to apply the extension will damage hair.  There will be discomfort in the days following application, such as itchiness, or a tight pulling sensation.

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The final hair clip

After the story, here comes the conclusion or end with a clamp or a clip. The story is not here to convey anger towards styling, cutting, colouring, and smoothing treatments. The story is here to convince you that everything has to be done by the experienced team after an in-depth examination. There will be occasions when looks are important.  At this juncture, the COLOURBAR stylist’s help should be handy