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Why is World Nature Conservation Day celebrated?

Whenever the world word originates in our minds, our mind starts to wander with an image of a globe, atlas, trees, water, air, light, etc., and the list goes on.  This thought will be there for a while.  The harsh reality is that we are walking toward the world without trees, water, air, light etc.  Our earth is treading towards a globe picture or world picture where trees, water, light, and air are seen in the picture, not in the real world. When I enter the word conserve on google, it shows “to keep safe, preserve from loss or decay.” When it comes to preserving nature, it is also kept safe in google dictionary. The feasibility of conserving the world is still at large. The World Nature Conservation Day is observed annually on July 28. It is not a day to be observed for a day. The need has arisen for days where we serve our nature to conserve it.

 World Nature Conservation Day recognizes that a healthy environment is the base of a stable and healthy society. Earth’s natural resources include air, minerals, plants, soil, water, and wildlife.

Free For All, Air

Air is the costliest resource in the world. The Corona period time has taught us the lesson of life. During that period, most of them lost their life by not getting oxygen via a ventilator. Nature is giving such a costliest source of life for free, yet we do not recognize it unless we end up in an end-of-life situation. We do not realize that we are polluting the air and risking our lives.

One square foot of land price in urban areas are expensive, but if one hesitates to leave one to 3 square feet of space around the house ultimately, it will be more expensive damage to lives inside the house. The house will lack light and air much needed for life. Inadequate light and air will prove costly life inside the house when an alternative source of light and air is required. These are costly in terms of health wise and finances. Inadequate pure air entry into the home requires people inside the house to depend on an air purifier and air conditioners. These are all other sources of air pollution. No space for good light entry into the home because two houses are constructed adjacent to each other in rural areas will leave no room for light, and the rooms inside the house will require electrical lights on irrespective of day and night. It is the reason for the electricity demand.


Top 5 causes of air pollution

Indoor Air Pollution

Microbial Decaying Process


Open Burning of Garbage Waste

Use of chemical and synthetic products

Indoor air pollution is the sequel of inadequate ventilation, uneven temperature, and humidity level. Air pollution is a source of health hazards like asthma. Lung diseases are caused by inhaling poor house air quality.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in paints, cleaners, and personal care products such as perfume and deodorants are a reason for common heath issues. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently high indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. Climate change is not just increasing wildfire but also spiking air pollution.

Burning stubble and farm residues are causing a wildfire that contributes to increased PM2.5 in the air, and it will collide with other harmful substances like chemical gas and pollen, creating smog. Vehicles can cause high pollution in the atmosphere, it is a whole lot to hole the ozone layer contributing to smog. Smog makes the air hazy and causes breathing difficulty to people. People need not smoke 10 cigarettes a day to get lung damage, a car burns gasoline, and it emits pollutants in the air that is enough to damage the lung of a non-smoker. Exposure to open burning of garbage waste poses serious health risks such as cancer, liver issues, impairment of the immune system and reproductive functions; it can also affect the developing nervous system.


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Approaches like walking for small distances like one km should be appreciated because it is good for the health of both, the environment and the person taking steps instead of the vehicle. I see people using vehicle for small distances. They say we can afford so we are using it, but the ultimate result is not affordable to man or nature. People need to cut down on commuting by car. Instead, car owners need to communicate with each other to start carpooling to reduce emissions.

Mother earth is always on a giving spree without asking for anything. After getting so much from her, we harm her and destroy her. Being a Mother, she is still tolerating us to the saturating point.  

Top 3 causes of water pollution

Industrial Waste

Marine Dumping

Global Warming

The source of water pollution is not entirely different from air pollution, it is almost the same. People have become experts in dumping all the waste into water. They think it will be clean, but they do not have a clear picture of the result of their deed. Industrial waste goes to water, and garbage goes to water. Again global warming drains the water. People nowadays do not think that river is a source of water but treat them as dumping yard.

About 97% of water covers the earth, but drinking water source is little, available is 1.2%. Scarcity of water can bring scary war situations between countries and between states. Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink kind of situations will arise if do not consume less water now. People should think twice before using portable water for other purposes like cleaning vehicles, floors, etc. The process of cleaning the drainage water should start. We can reuse it for purposes like washing vehicles and curing the new house under construction.  

Approaches like consuming less water and energy, recycling, composting, keeping plastic waste out of our oceans, and cutting down on commuting can lead to better habits and aid conservation efforts. World Nature Conservation day aims to create awareness about the need to preserve the environment and natural resources to keep the world healthy.

The theme

The theme of the World Nature Conservation Day 2022 is "Cut Down on Plastic Use".